For your convenience, our most common guest questions are answered right here.

Not finding what you want?  Reach us directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: How many people can stay?

A: Each suite has one queen bed and can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults (over 18 yrs).

Q: What about children, babies or pets?

A: Sorry no children, babies or pets – we are only able to accommodate adults (18 and over).

Q:  What is the minimum stay?

A: We currently have a 2 night minimum.

Q: How much does each suite cost?

A: Our standard rates for direct bookings have remained the same for several years:  $345 per suite for 2 nights, with subsequent nights at $170/night.  A peak rate of up to $190/night may apply on public holiday periods – for dates please ask (see below about special rates for our return guests).  Please note: Published or ‘retail’ rates may vary when booking via one of the accommodation websites depending on their fees/charges, but booking direct with us will save you money.  All rates provided on this website are in Australian dollars.  See also our Terms + Conditions.

Q: Do you have special rates?

Yes!  We greatly value our regular guests and are happy to reward your loyalty all year round, whether peak or non-peak periods.  For return guest rates – please contact us direct.  For occasional or introductory specials see our Facebook page.  See also our Terms + Conditions.

Q: What payment types can I use?

A: When you book direct with us you can pay using a credit card or by bank transfer into a nominated account.  We do not take cash at the door unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as a last minute extension to the stay.  We recommend direct booking with us and bank transfer payment to get the best value for your money.

Bank transfer – this is the most cost effective form of payment for those with Australian bank accounts or whose banks do not charge any fees for international transfers (in the unlikely event your transfer generates an incoming fee to us, you would be notified and it may be deducted from your bond).

Credit card – we use a secure payment system to process Visa and Mastercard payments for your stay.  This facility incurs (up to) 2.4% non-refundable fee that is added to your stay total.  With this option, a ‘pre-auth’ hold of $170 is placed in lieu of a security bond and released back to the card after check out – the pre-auth is not a charge and no funds are debited.

Q: How can I book with a credit card?

A: Mastercard, Visa:  If you have either of these cards, we use a secure payment system to process payments for your stay. The service provider charges a non-refundable fee of up to 2.4% added to the balance payment (less for Australian credit cards).  With this option, a ‘pre-auth’ hold of $170 is placed in lieu of a security bond and released back to the card after check out – the pre-auth is not a charge and no funds are debited.

Amex, Discover, JCBIf you wish to use these cards, you will need to book through Airbnb or HomeAway (formerly Stayz.com.au).  Please be aware that these agent sites will also charge you 3-12% service fee.  This fee usually adds around 10-12% extra to your stay on top of the retail rate – hence we recommend direct booking with us and bank transfer payment to get the best value for money.  These sites will also apply a security bond/damage deposit measure to each booking.

Q: How safe are my details including credit card information?

We take issues of privacy and security very seriously.  Any personal information we collect during the course of your booking, including credit card or bank account details for the purpose of processing payments or refunds, remains private is never given to an unauthorised third party without your consent.  We use a secure payment system to process any credit card payments for your stay, and in providing us with your credit card details, we understand that you are supplying them only for the purpose of making a payment or providing a bond (pre-auth) for your stay at the amount agreed.

Q: What is the security bond?

A: A refundable security bond (sometimes called a damage deposit) is designed to cover any additional costs incurred such as avoidable breakage or damage; we understand accidents occur as long as we are notified at the earliest possible time.  See Terms + ConditionsBank transfer option: $170 is payable at the same time as the balance amount, or if the stay is within 14 days it is payable immediately; the refund is initiated within 48 hours of your departure.  Credit card option: a ‘pre-auth’ hold of $170 is placed in lieu of a security bond and released back to the card after check out – it is not a charge and no funds are debited.

Q: What booking sites are you listed on?

A: While we are happy for you to book direct (and this is the best value for you!), Bed + Bauhaus is also listed with three booking sites – HomeAway (formerly stayz.com.au), Booking.com (plus it’s affiliates) and Airbnb.com.au.  Both HomeAway and Airbnb offer our guests a credit card payment option. Booking.com does not currently offer payment options, but is linked with TripAdvisor which international guests find very helpful.

Airbnb or HomeAway (previously Stayz) may allow for credit card payments other than Visa and Mastercard, but please be aware that these agent sites will also charge you 3-12% service fee.  This fee usually adds around 10-12% extra to your stay on top of the retail rate – hence we recommend direct booking and bank payment to get the best value for money.  Please note: A ‘service fee’ is applied by Airbnb (and HomeAway) which increases the overall cost to the guest – we felt it fair to absorb some of this on a guest’s behalf (and yes, they also charge us an agency fee!), so the rate listed on Airbnb is usually around $10 less than other agent sites.

Q: Why don’t you have cooking facilities?

A:  The suites are designed to offer hotel-style accommodation for short stays – most suited to people who are happy to picnic or eat out or attend catered events such as weddings. Our regular guests keep coming back because they enjoy not having to prepare meals, cook or wash up while on holiday 🙂

Our state-of-the-art Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) is home to waste digesting enzymes that hate fats and oils, anti-bacterial soaps, chemicals and all mainstream types of toilet paper (polymer glue).  We like to keep them happy so they efficiently process all wastewater, while you enjoy a break from cooking and take your taste buds on an adventure.  You are welcome to graze in your suite on the wonderful gourmet food from local eateries and fine produce from farmers markets, but not to wash anything up.  We ask you to put all your dirty crockery in a tub for us to take away, clean and return to your suite.  Likewise we as that you only flush the enzyme friendly toilet paper supplied.  In terms of catering, please also note that bringing any home appliance or camping equipment into the suite is not permitted, please refer to our Terms + Conditions.

Q: Do you have a loyalty programme?

A:  Yes.  We greatly value customer loyalty so all Bed + Bauhaus visitors are rewarded with reduced rates on their return visits.  For first time visitors, we will post special offers from time to time on the website, Facebook and notify anyone interested by email.

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: We aim to provide most of the key things you might need + want from a stay away from home (including a hairdryer, plenty of surge protected plug points, magazines to browse, pod coffee machine, picnic rugs, beach towels, etc – see main listing here), however, you might to bring like a few personal items:

> A selection of European and regular pillows have been provided – soft ones for those who sleep on their backs and firmer ones for those who prefer to sleep on their sides.  If you have a special pillow you travel with, we will provide clean cases for the duration of your stay.

> We provide Vasse Virgin natural liquid soap, shower gel and shampoo for your cleansing enjoyment (please note, these are refillable, not gift packs to take away). You may wish to bring hair conditioner and favourite toiletries so long as they are NOT anti-bacterial (including mouthwash).

> You will find a selection of beverage items in your suite – black + green tea, coffee pods + bags, hot chocolate, raw sugar, semi-skim milk.  We will try to accommodate alternative preferences if we are given with sufficient notice, but failing that it might be best to bring a small supply of anything you specifically prefer with you to ensure you are catered for.

> Slippers, flip flops/thongs or thick socks are recommended.  While concrete floors are wonderful – practical, aesthetic and effective as a thermal mass absorbing sun to help passive warming of the suite, they can be a little cold first thing in the morning!

> You may like to start the day with your favourite food.  So you can prepare your own breakfast in the comfort of your suite while enjoying the view, we have provided a toaster, kettle, coffee (pod) machine, bar fridge, cutting mats/knives and crockery.  We are also happy to lend you food/cereal storage containers and tablecloths if required.

Q: What should we not do/bring?

A: For safety, health, hygiene and to maintain an odor-free/allergy-free environment, we prohibit activities or items brought to the property which would cause offense to guests, are illegal, undesirable or compromise safety. Smoking, burning candles, the preparation of food/drinks using personal cooking appliance(s), bringing camping/sports/outdoor equipment inside, introducing bedding/pads/furnishing into the suite, and doing laundry all fall under this category.  Please refer to our Terms + Conditions.  Alternative options have been made for guests to ensure these situations are avoided – if unsure, please ask.

Q: Are Gift Vouchers available?

A: Yes.  We can create personalized vouchers for any number of nights, and immediately email you a graphic file to print out and present to your friends/family/colleagues.  You can choose peak or off-peak value; all vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Q: I am traveling for work – can I have a receipt?

A: Yes.  We are happy to provide a receipt for your stay – please let us know when you arrive.  Business travelers, like all our guests, are welcome to drop their luggage with us at anytime before check-in if they are committed during the day and unable to check in at the regular time.